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Welcome to CFS-Allicin and Overview

Welcome to CFS-Allicin

CFS-Allicin Overview

Recent Research

Recent research has found evidence of chronic bacterial infection in people with CFS (see “The Science” in our “About CFS-Allicin” section). There are various protocols – known as combined antibiotic protocols (CAPS) – which aim to eliminate this infection from the body. These protocols vary in medications, recommended doses, and additional recommended supplements but all show promising results. There are not any definitive results for CFS as most of these protocols are relatively new and due to the controversy surrounding CFS research many patients are trying these protocols independently, not as part of a controlled research project.

Our Belief

We accept that this research is not yet definitive and may not apply to every person with CFS as it is an umbrella term and may encompass other illnesses not yet categorised, or identified. However, this website subscribes to the chronic infection theory and our information is all based on this.

Stealth Bacteria

It is hypothesised that a specific type of bacteria, known as stealth bacteria (also cell wall deficient bacteria, L-form bacteria, and including mycoplasma bacteria) can “hide” in the body where it is undetectable by regular blood tests and screening. This bacteria can mutate in the system and evade antibiotics by changing forms to avoid being killed. A combination of various types of antibiotics, designed to target the bacteria in its various forms is thought to be more effective in attacking the infection.

Allicin – A Natural Antibiotic

We have discovered a natural product – allicin, which has proven antibiotic properties – seems to be capable of doing the same thing. See “Allicin” section for further information.

“Herx” Reactions

Taking allicin capsules has been shown to produce a die-off reaction, medically known as a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (this is referred to as “Herx” for short). Herx reactions occur when bacteria (or other organisms) release toxins as they are being killed. When the toxins are being produced faster than the body can eliminate them, a return of symptoms is seen. This is a sign that the bacteria are being killed and generally suggests that the medication being used is effective. (Please note Herx reactions can be severe, in the case of a severe reaction please contact a medical professional.)

Noted Improvements

The following improvements have been reported by individuals with CFS who are currently taking allicin capsules. Improvements vary from person to person.

  • Increase in physical energy levels
  • Increase in mental energy levels
  • Reduction of general aches and pains associated with CFS
  • Reduction in severity of headaches and migraines
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower heart rate
  • Reduction of hayfever symptoms
  • Lessening of recurring infections
  • Overall feeling of improvement
We recommend anyone considering such treatment protocols fully researches all aspects of treatment before embarking upon said treatment. This website is intended only as a source of information, not as a medical advice website. We will not be held responsible for personal decisions, injury, or damage pertaining to treatment protocols, allicin, or any other supplements mentioned on this site.

July 29, 2009 - Posted by | Health Science

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