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CFS-Allicin Treating CFS With Allicin

How Do I Take the Allicin?

Vitamin CapsulesThere is no definitive programme to follow. Using Allicin to treat CFS is a very new discovery and as far as we are aware, no-one has yet successfully healed themselves from CFS using Allicin. What we have seen, over the last seven months, has been a massive, constant improvement.

We can only relate our experiences and our knowledge based on our own reading and researching. If you plan to embark upon a similar treatment programme, we would recommend reading as much information as possible, enabling you to make informed decisions with regard to the treatment.

We believe it is best to start off taking one AllicinMax capsule a day – one capsule contains 180mg of allicin powder. If the dose is strong enough to begin killing the infection, it is likely that it will elicit a Herx reaction, this is an indication that the treatment is working. Some people may require a stronger dose to elicit a reaction. There is the possibility that some people will not experience any reaction, but the allicin may still be helping, at the moment this is very much trial and error.

As the Herx reactions become less (this may be more tolerable, slightly less, or they may disappear completely) an additional allicin capsule can be added in. This may cause the Herx reactions to escalate again, indicating that the treatment is successfully killing the bacteria.

Some people may find they are able to increase the dose quite quickly, others may find that they build up the dose over a longer period of time. The literature suggests that as long as the Herx reactions are being experienced, the bacteria is dying. It is therefore safer to take a cautious approach than to try and rush the treatment. It is unlikely that trying to build up the treatment too quickly will beat the infection any faster, it may cause more problems in the body due to an overload of toxins.

The most important thing is to pay close attention to your body, be aware of any emerging patterns and try to read as much of the research as possible in order to understand what is going on in your body.

Time Scale

Artistic ClockThis should be a finite treatment – it should not be something that will have to be taken forever. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing, at the present time, how long the treatment will take.

Combined Antibiotic Protocols, such as the Marshall Protocol and the Wheldon Protocol estimate it will take up to three years to entirely rid the body of infection. They both also estimate that a return to a normal lifestyle will be possible in a much shorter time – the estimate is 12-18 months, although this may vary for each individual. On the Marshall Protocol website (, Dr. Marshall makes a distinction between optimum health and a pre-CFS state of heath, believing that people will be even healthier after completing such a treatment protocol.

As Allicin works in a different way to antibiotics, it is difficult to say how accurate these estimates may be. For many of us, the most important thing is that we are seeing improvements, after being ill for so long, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel – even a very long tunnel! – is a fantastic feeling.

Also on Dr. Marshall’s website he says:

“I do think it is important that CFS and Lyme patients do face up to the extent of their illness, however. Think about this – it takes 2 years or more for the bacteria to be killed, at the fastest rate your body can kill them. It is absolutely amazing what that quantity of bacteria must have been doing while they were living in your tissues…”

From –

“…Imagine a lifetime of acquiring a variety (there are almost sixty identified) of pleomorphic bacteria that have been allowed to multiply and hide within the various tissues of your body.
It’s a long process because these bacteria are living within the cells of the immune system, deep in tissues that may be hard to penetrate with the antibiotics. You should see a gradual resolution of your disease symptoms but as long as you are responding to antibiotics with symptoms that wax and wane, there are still bacteria to be killed. It isn’t easy but you should feel encouraged by your Herxheimer reactions because it means that you are going to beat these nasty little critters.”

From –

“…Everything heals on the MP, but at differing rates. For example, neuropathy is slower to respond, and fibrosis is very slow. But the body has demonstrated that it can eventually recover from just about everything…”
From –

Please note: The Marshall Protocol and Wheldon Protocol are currently experimental treatments for various conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis and many more. We have been treating chronic fatigue syndrome using allicin instead of traditional antibiotics and finding significant improvements. This treatment is also experimental.

We are not in any way connected with either the Marshall Protocol or the Wheldon Protocol.


July 29, 2009 - Posted by | Health Science

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