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CFS-Allicin My Story – “I think I am curing myself…”

My Story – “I think I am curing myself…”

GymnasticsI developed post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS) after a ‘flu-type illness in January 2005 while studying for my MSc. My illness fluctuated in severity for two years, but at all times I was too ill to lead a normal life. After two years of trying various supplements, vitamins and diets I came across some research that is helping me return to better health.

Chronic Infection Theory

This research stated that CFS (or ME or PVFS) can be caused by chronic bacterial infection. A particular type of bacteria, known as “stealth bacteria” or “cell wall deficient bacteria” can mutate in the body, surviving in various forms and attacking when the body is under stress (physical or emotional). These bacteria do not show up on regular blood tests and can hide in the immune system, meaning the body may not even realise they are there. This fitted with the onset of my illness so I looked into treatment options.


Treatment protocols are described online and usually involve “combined antibiotic protocols” (CAP) – a combination of various antibiotics, designed to target the bacteria in their various forms, help the body activate the immune system and ultimately destroy the infection. As the bacteria are killed they release toxins causing what is known medically as a “herxheimer reaction” also referred to as “die-off”. This can cause a worsening of symptoms before any improvement is felt. Different protocols recommend taking various supplements or other prescription drugs to support the body in this process.

Allicin – A natural antibiotic

Due to my personal circumstances (I was living with my parents abroad, due to my illness and my travel insurance would not cover an existing condition) I did not have regular access to a doctor, and therefore prescriptions. A nutritionist had told me about allicin which is a natural antibiotic and I decided to take allicin capsules based on the chronic infection theory. Due to the possibility of herx reactions I started on one capsule a day along with other supplements selected to boost my antioxidant levels and help my body cope with the killing. Taking allicin made me feel awful. I had expected that, based on my research and persisted with the treatment. After a few weeks the herx reactions had calmed down and I began taking two capsules a day. Again, I suffered from an increase in my symptoms – increased exhaustion, headaches and muscle aches. Again, after a few weeks these calmed down. Initially, I did not feel as if I was “getting better”; after two months taking allicin I began to realise I had not had a “bad day” for a while. After three months I felt as if I was improving a little. After four months I began to genuinely believe that allicin was going to save me from this dreadful illness. At this time I had improved from about 30% functional ability to about 70% – I was still a long way from being back to normal, but I definitely felt as if I was on my way.

I think I am curing myself…

Run Baby RunBased on my experience at that stage I decided to share my story on a forum of which I am a member. I called it “I think I am curing myself…” I hoped that other people might try allicin and that it would help them and – if it did – I would try to publicise this and offer hope to other CFS sufferers.

That was two months ago, it is a bit early for any dramatic results, but out of eleven people from the forum who started taking allicin capsules and posting regular updates, nine of these people are feeling small improvements already. I find this very encouraging!

Continued Improvement

I have now been taking allicin for seven months and continue to improve, I am about 80% now (see AYME scale for generalisation of functional ability). I am currently taking eight capsules a day. Notably, my heart rate has decreased from 98bpm to 76bpm, a normal rate. The antibiotic protocols are recommended for at least two years – it is estimated it will take at least that amount of time to eradicate the bacteria from the body. I will continue to take allicin until I am fully recovered and I believe it will take me there.

Additional Information

In additional to the allicin capsules, I take various other supplements. Some of these supplements I have taken for the duration of my illness – including astragalus for immune support and Co-Enzyme Q10 for energy and heart health. When I started taking the allicin, I also started taking Neem campsules, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and antioxidants. These are not responsible for my improvements, but I believe they have helped support my system. More information can be found in the FAQs section of this website.


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