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Allimax is now AllicinMax in the UK

Poor Apple with PlasterFrom August 2007 the product Allimax, previously licensed by Allicin International, will no longer contain allicin powder. Allimax now contains only garlic powder which does not have the same proven antibiotic effects as allicin.

Allicin powder is now available as the brand name AllicinMax available in capsules containing 180mg of allicin powder. AllicinMax is available to buy from Boots the Chemist and online at

In all other countries Allimax will continue to contain allicin.

Allimax US to Publish Study into Lyme Disease

ElixirAllimax US is set to publish its study into using Allicin to treat Lyme disease at the end of this year. Lyme disease is contracted through tick bites, however recent research suggests it may also be contracted through mosquitoes, spiders, stinging flies, mites and fleas.

“Only 10-20% of the total Lyme bacterial load in the extra-cellular space is the spirochete form”

“The remaining 80-90% of Lyme bacterial load is inter-cellular in the stealth-cell-wall-deficient form, hidden from the eyes of the immune system, therefore preventing an attack”

“Most Lyme antibody tests are made to detect this 10-20% of spirochete forms and there are no conventional accepted markers for the 80-90% of inter-cellular forms which constitute the majority of the Lyme bacterial load.”

Stricker et. al. (2002). Long-term decrease in the CD-57 lymphocyte subset in a patient with chronic Lyme disease. Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine, 9, 111-113

In the Allimax US study, ten patients with chronic Lyme disease were selected to try the alternative treatment. One of the key factors in the study was actively changing the terrain of the body to make it more difficult for bacteria to survive. Participants achieved this by drinking sufficient amounts of purified water; following a recommended diet, and taking recommended supplements for nutritional support.

Patients started taking one 450mg allicin capsule 3 x a day and increased to two 450mg capsules 3 x a day.

Various tests showed measured improvements as the study progressed.

Full results will be published later this year.

“Biological Terrain is not a new concept but was part of a great debate in the early 1800s. The argument that changed the course of medicine was Louis Pasteur who had the opinion that non-changeable microbes caused disease (monomorphism), on the other side was Antoine Bechamp who stated that the microbe changed according to biological terrain. Not until his deathbed did Pasteur change his mind. “The microbe is nothing the terrain is everything.” Unfortunately the road was paved for the Germ Theory and it was too late for medicine to turn around. Maintaining the proper balance in the body’s pH (or Biological Terrain) can positively affect all major body systems.

“A Lyme patient with a strong immune system will be able to defend himself against outside invaders. The fact is that many people are bitten by ticks and mosquitoes and don’t have health problems that are associated with Lyme disease.”

All information courtesy of Allicin US – and


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