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CFS-Allicin Getting well at last!

Getting Well At Last!

For some people it is hard to pin down an actual date or period in time when their illness first started, but for me that period was a holiday in Candolim, Goa in November 1995. I had an ear infection from swimming in dirty water. The water looked clear to me, cascading out of the (DudSagar Falls) mountains into a deep pool, but sure enough, I had caught some bug in it. I was treated with anti-biotics over there and also my own doctor treated me with more when I returned home.

I couldn’t return to work as I was now nursing a very bad ‘flu. The ‘flu didn’t clear up for weeks but I returned to work after 2 weeks of it, and I found myself struggling to concentrate at my job. I was mis-diagnosed with thrombocytopenia by my GP after having blood tests and told that there was nothing he could do for me, and to carry on at work. To cut a long story short, I eventually lost my job.

Diagnosis of CFS

After changing GP’s I had many more blood tests, bone marrow samples were taken, and stool tests and all came back clear. He now gave me a diagnoses of CFS, I had passed all the required criteria for this illness. He told me there was no treatment for CFS and by pacing myself I would eventually be cured.

Some years passed, and my daughter told me of a doctor in Bath that specialized in CFS. A builder that was working on her house had told her of his own partial recovery from CFS and recommended that I make an appointment to see the doctor. Dr David Dowson put me on an anti-Candida diet and gave prescription drugs and supplements. 3 months later I was very much better. On the AYME scale I judge I was at about the 35% mark. I have continued with the diet over the years in a very loose way and have sinned many times, but gradually I realized that I was actually doing a Low GI diet.

Dr Dowson explained to me that the heavy use of the wrong type of antibiotic had wiped out all the bacteria in my gut, and an overgrowth of Candida resulted. Candida is a yeast and produces ethanol alcohol when any sugars are ingested, fomenting with the yeast. The ethanol alcohol was making me “drunk” and was giving me symptoms like a very bad and permanent hangover. Cutting out wheat, dairy, junk foods and sugars of every kind from my diet improved my symptoms. The prescription drug Fungalin he gave me was of the kind used to treat oral thrush. This left me with a leaky gut.

Discovering Allicin

Some more years passed me by, and one day for some reason I visited the Foggy Friends website where I saw a post entitled “I think I am curing myself”. Intrigued, I read everything and visited every link in an effort to find out as much as I could about this little known extract called allicin. The arguments seemed to make sense that allicin could be making the author better, so I decided to buy some capsules and try it for myself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes, after all it is a natural substance derived from garlic so what harm could it do me?

After a cautious start I eventually got some herx reaction when I added the third or fourth capsule. Continuing to increase the dose in watchful and careful steps over the weeks, I now take 10 caps a day and have done so for some weeks now, having decided to stop at this dose for a breather.

Noted Improvements

I now rate myself on the AYME scale at level 80%. Thats an increase from 35% to 80% in a matter of months since taking the allicin. OK, I am still not cured of CFS but I was not even contemplating being this well so soon.

My leaky gut has been cleared up with the allicin and my mind has been clear since near the start of taking it. Energy levels have gone up and pain down to nearly non existent. I still have to pace myself but at a higher level now as I still get tired towards the end of the day. My sleep has improved and unrefreshing sleep is no longer the norm. Most mornings I now wake and feel like I have had a good sleep for a change.

Herx Reactions

If there is a down side to taking allicin it has to be the herx reactions. These have to be endured for an improvement to be gained from this treatment. I suffered bad hangover type symptoms, very bad headaches and diarrhea for the most part, sprinkled lightly with short lived ‘fluey colds throughout. The diarrhea was usually accompanied by a return of the usual CFS symptoms for a while, then they were gone the next day along with the diarrhea. At a steady 10 caps a day, I now have a pattern emerging of bad headache one day followed the next day by diarrhea and all gone without trace the next. This repeats at about once every week. I can live with that.

Getting well at last!

I can also live with being more active and thinking clearly. I can concentrate for very much longer, can go for longer walks, ride a recumbent bicycle slowly for miles (if its not too hilly), can take bus rides and drive for short trips on my own too. I used to feel trapped in my sick body but not anymore. I can even make websites!

For me the most enjoyable part of my allicin treatment is being able to enjoy my grand children having missed out on much of their young lives. I have a 2 year old, one of 6 and another of 7. I have missed nearly 12 years of my life through CFS and at age 60 have something to look forward to once again. The light at the end of the long dark tunnel is very much in sight and I will soon be walking out into it. Maybe in a year’s time I can go back to work and earn some money. Now wouldn’t that be something!


July 29, 2009 - Posted by | Health Science

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